Mother and Daughter Get Into Shootout With Would-be Robber

A woman and her daughter fend off a robber with their firearms. The incident almost ended badly for them on several occasions but luckily for them they escaped unharmed.

The bad guy was hit multiple times and kept fighting. This a great example of close quarter combat why you need to maintain the proper distance and keep fighting even when injured.

SouthNarc’s Favorite GUN DISARM | Craig Douglas of ShivWorks

Favorite Gun Disarm of Craig Douglas (aka Southnarc) of ShivWorks – check out Criag Douglas’ website and instagram below and be sure to check out his classes such as his ECQC course.

How Not To Die From A Stabbing

Interwoven with stand-out medical advice, 20-year-old Dom bravely offers a fresh perspective of surviving a stabbing, which left him fighting for his life on Christmas Day 2015.



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