5 people dead in Louisiana shooting: Suspect at large, ‘armed and dangerous’

Its interesting that this type of thing didn’t seem to happen during the government shutdown.

5 people dead in Louisiana shooting: Suspect at large, ‘armed and dangerous’


The Fantasy of Ultimate Purpose – How Films, Series and Video Games Reveal What Really Drives Us

Explores the anatomy of purpose in films, television series and video games, how it differs from finding meaning in our own lives, and the importance of discussing our escapes into these fictional worlds.

This Booby Trapped Meth House!!

Stay alert, stay alive.

How to Spot a Bad Guy- A Comprehensive Look at Body Language and Pre-Assault Indicators

It was day time on a crowded big-city street in a country far from home.  It seems my girlfriend and I attracted the attention of a gang of bag thieves.

I noticed a guy on an opposite street corner talking on a cell phone.  He caught my attention when he seemed to be pointing us out to some unseen other person.  As soon as he pointed at us we picked up a tail.  Two guys appeared out of nowhere and started following us very closely.  The dude on the cell phone supervised from a distance.

I slowed down our walking pace.  So did our followers. Not a good sign.  The man on the phone paralleled us from across the street.  I made a quick stop and forced our followers to walk past.  They didn’t like that at all and we could tell that it screwed up their plan.

It was quite the study in the criminal assault paradigm.  The two men were obviously together, but walking a half step apart to seem separate.  They weren’t talking.  One guy was pretending to look at a cell phone in a very unnatural posture (trying to look inconspicuous). The other was giving off constant “grooming cues” touching his face, neck, and hair as he nervously kept looking over his shoulder to check our position.

They were obviously up to something.  I warned my girlfriend and slowed the pace even more.  The two guys slowed down as well, keeping the same distance between us.  In between nervous strokes of his neck, I saw one of the men dart his hand into his pocket.  He pulled it out and had something gold and metallic-colored in his palm.  I couldn’t tell what it was, but it looked like brass knuckles of some sort.  Go time.

How to Spot a Bad Guy- A Comprehensive Look at Body Language and Pre-Assault Indicators

Pre fight indicators

– Touching the face or neck

– Wiping at the nose or mouth

– Rubbing the eyes

– Smoothing the hair

– Rubbing the neck

– Scratching the head

– Rubbing the arms or chest as if shivering

– Or making any other gesture that partially conceals the criminal’s face/neck area from view

TOP 3 MISTAKES that Get People KNOCKED OUT [Real Street Fight Knockout Compilation & Analysis]

Street fight knockout compilation with breakdown analysis of the 3 Worst Mistakes people make a real street fight. ***WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.***

This week we take a documentary style approach in how to defend yourself in a fight when facing extreme violence.

Here’s how to avoid getting knocked out in one punch by not making these 3 epic fails in a street fight:


We get that you are a nice person and you don’t want to hurt someone, but the biggest fail is to wait too long in a confrontation to take action in your own self defense. This doesn’t mean that you should punch someone who gets in your face. What we are really saying is that you should recognize the danger signals of escalation of violence. Basically, look for warning signs so you can at least change your position or location, for example to minimize your vulnerability to say a sucker punch.

It is not always about punching someone first, it is more the case of prevention and control. You must gain control of the situation for your own personal safety and security. Be aware of the surroundings and never let someone have control over you in a fight.


One of the biggest problems you may face is to second guess how the person will attack you. This is often the case when people practice martial arts in a Dojo. A typical martial arts practitioner is used to a clinical and standardized way of fighting and moving. To a certain extent they are used to defending themselves against clear patterns of attack that they can see.

However, the reality is that someone that means you harm will attack you when you can’t see it coming. That’s the meaning of a sucker punch. We always say that the punch that knocks you out is the one that you often don’t see. So don’t get knocked out by one punch. Make sure that you keep your awareness about you. Most importantly don’t have any expectation that the bad guy will attack you in a certain way.


Some people think that they are untouchable and this leads to a false sense of safety and security in a confrontation. Worst amongst us are those that train in martial arts. While training in a martial art is a great thing to do for many reasons that do not relate to fighting, people in martial arts still feel that they have superhuman powers. That is, they think that they will never be punched in the face in a real fight. Of course, the opposite is true and very likely. Yet many martial artists are surprised when they are punched in the face and don’t react how they thought they would in a real fight.

Chinese Shop Owners Stop Machete Attack With Nifty “Man Catchers”

An interesting way to stop physical attackers: the Sasumata or “Man Catcher” is a common form of self-defense in Asia. The more people that own one, the more effective it becomes. When a machete-wielding man took to the streets in this video, a number of citizens joined together to stop his rampage.