Neutered Men

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Equipment

I went in to pay my rent today. It was a day like any other. The only real difference was that I forgot to remove my knife that I wear on my side. Its nothing special. A fixed blade single edge with a bone handle in a leather sheath. The women working there said their usual pleasantries. But I did notice their eyes as they caught a glimpse of the knife resting on my right hip.

I thought about this for some time afterwards and realized why they seemed shocked and uncomfortable. They were used to dealing with neutered men. Most men in the 21st century are not armed. If you look back at days gone by, You will see this to be a fairly modern trend. Men in most civilizations carried weapons. It was normally a knife or an axe but it could have also been a machete or sword. We knew that there were dangerous animals not far from our tribe and that it would be the man’s job to deal with such threats.In our modern age we have outsourced our duties as men to a group of strangers who aren’t even legally required to protect us.

In the news we hear of active shooters at our schools,churches, shopping centers and far too many other places to mention. These attacks have a very common theme. An armed bad guy or group of bad guys  attack a group of unarmed and unaware people who simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A knife is not a gun but in certain circumstances it doesn’t have to be. A knife doesn’t run out of bullets. If you swing and miss your target you won’t risk killing the child across the street. As men it’s our role in the tribe to be protectors. That means carrying the tools needed to get the job done. No matter who it makes uncomfortable.