TOP 3 MISTAKES that Get People KNOCKED OUT [Real Street Fight Knockout Compilation & Analysis]

Street fight knockout compilation with breakdown analysis of the 3 Worst Mistakes people make a real street fight. ***WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.***

This week we take a documentary style approach in how to defend yourself in a fight when facing extreme violence.

Here’s how to avoid getting knocked out in one punch by not making these 3 epic fails in a street fight:


We get that you are a nice person and you don’t want to hurt someone, but the biggest fail is to wait too long in a confrontation to take action in your own self defense. This doesn’t mean that you should punch someone who gets in your face. What we are really saying is that you should recognize the danger signals of escalation of violence. Basically, look for warning signs so you can at least change your position or location, for example to minimize your vulnerability to say a sucker punch.

It is not always about punching someone first, it is more the case of prevention and control. You must gain control of the situation for your own personal safety and security. Be aware of the surroundings and never let someone have control over you in a fight.


One of the biggest problems you may face is to second guess how the person will attack you. This is often the case when people practice martial arts in a Dojo. A typical martial arts practitioner is used to a clinical and standardized way of fighting and moving. To a certain extent they are used to defending themselves against clear patterns of attack that they can see.

However, the reality is that someone that means you harm will attack you when you can’t see it coming. That’s the meaning of a sucker punch. We always say that the punch that knocks you out is the one that you often don’t see. So don’t get knocked out by one punch. Make sure that you keep your awareness about you. Most importantly don’t have any expectation that the bad guy will attack you in a certain way.


Some people think that they are untouchable and this leads to a false sense of safety and security in a confrontation. Worst amongst us are those that train in martial arts. While training in a martial art is a great thing to do for many reasons that do not relate to fighting, people in martial arts still feel that they have superhuman powers. That is, they think that they will never be punched in the face in a real fight. Of course, the opposite is true and very likely. Yet many martial artists are surprised when they are punched in the face and don’t react how they thought they would in a real fight.

Hidden Cost of MMA – Brief Martial Arts

There is a hidden cost to MMA which is not always discussed, thus to know the Truth about MMA, we invite you to watch this short MMA documentary which will give deeper insight into how mma and brain damage are connected.

Although many sports have brain damage including boxing and football, it is not something to take lightly since in mma history we had more than once occasion where an mma fighter died in the ring due to heavy brain damage.

In this video you will see a statistic and truth about mma and ufc brain damage and how mma death can occur. While some of the bloodiest fights in mma doesn’t always end in death in the ring, it is important to remember that mma injury and mma trauma also accumulates with time and eventually leads to more important injuries such as permanent brain damage. If you want to avoid this we invite you to take a look at this video so you would better know what mma injuries can lead to so that mma death in the ring would become even less common.

Did you ever consider what price every MMA fighter has to pay, to give the thrilling sight to the audience? Join us in looking into a brief history of MMA and UFC and how it’s rules could actually have a devastating effect to the lives of our favorite fighters. Do you think the situation should change? Or is it supposed to be the way it is? Share your opinion in the comments.

How Durable is a BULLET PROOF Car?!

A really cool option if you can afford it.

How do you make a bullet proof car? Today we are going to find out. Armor Max invited Dan and I to come shoot some of their armored vehicles, and the results re pretty amazing! Check them out here:

This is not a sponsored video. Its just super interesting to see how all of this technology works, and how Bullet proof cars are manufactured. There are several parts to a bullet proof car. The ballistic glass is pretty important. Its a layered slab of glass and plastic that stops the forward energy of the bullet.

Inside the metal paneling of your car are other bullet proof slabs. Some companies use heavy steel to block bullet penetration, but Armor Max uses a much lighter weight material that can even be used on bullet proof helicopters.

This has to be one of the strangest shoplifting self defense videos Ive ever seen.

This video totally caught me by surprise. The two mens use of teamwork is on a whole elevated level.

They look like stoner/skater dudes just stealing some snacks, so I feel chaotic neutral is the alignment here. Though, the argument could be made that while they’re Lawful Evil, those laws are toward themselves. They don’t respect the law of the land but their own laws – hence why they don’t mind grabbing some free snacks (and do so without truly holding up the shop, just nabbing a few snacks with a clever distraction) – and also act to rescue the shop owner when a true antagonist comes along. In the end, I have to agree with Chaotic Neutral though. They’re looking out for themselves, not necessarily interested in following laws if it means they can get some small nice stuff, but definitely still having a moral compass.


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