Seemingly Random Attack Ends In Mob Beat down

Several questions come to mind.

  1. Could you attack someone who was attacking a stranger under these circumstances?
  2. Would you pick up a tool or would you rush in?
  3. Would you use a projectile that you found in the immediate area if you weren’t carrying a weapon?
  4. Have you imagined yourself in a situation like this?
  5. Remember that the body will not go where the mind has not imagined.

WHY you won’t AIM in a Gunfight

This is a great example of why you need to pressure test your skills.

Shooting accuracy on the range does not translate directly into accuracy in a real fight. Though factors like shot anticipation, bad trigger control can certainly play a part, I do not believe these are the main reasons. I believe that shooters look at the threat and refuse to allow anything to obstruct their view of the threat, which in this case means the gun sights. After seeing too many good shooters miss horribly low, I’m noticing they aren’t using their sights oftentimes. Worse still, they are not even TRYING to use their sights.

MARSOC | Tactical Driving and Shooting Course

MARSOC Marines participate in the Tactical Driving and Shooting Course. Mastering the fundamentals of defensive driving and precision shooting in close quarters enhances the overall effectiveness of the individual operator and team. Dynamic and realistic training prepares them to operate in austere, and often, volatile environments.

We do spend so much time in our cars, yetis this is often a neglected part of essential training.